Remember the play-offs last year when Tebow beat the Pittsburgh Steelers? The Jets should consider starting Tim Tebow when the Jets play the Steelers this Sunday. The Pittsburgh Steelers wouldn’t know what to do if Ryan decided to start Tebow. He gave the Steelers defense a run for their money when he was in Denver and there still has to be bad feeling as to how Tim Tebow knock the Steelers out of the NFL play-offs and ended the season for the Steelers.

It is going to be very interesting to see how and if Ryan uses Tebow when the Jets take on the Steelers. I know Sanchez got the win last week but is he up to doing battle with Roethlisberger and the Steelers? The Steelers are going to be mean this weekend there is no way they want to go 0-2 and they will be ready to battle the Jets. This is going to be one physical football game that is for sure. The Steelers defense did get to Manning a couple of times in week one. I look for them to bring the pressure against the Jets too. This is another reason Ryan should consider starting Tim Tebow. He can run out of trouble and give the Steelers a hard time. Some how, some way Ryan has got to find a way to use Tim Tebow against the Steelers. Just seeing Tim Tebow on the field will do something to the Steelers…..



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