The New York Jets Continue To Embarrass Themselves.  It is becoming a giant comedy in the Big Apple. The Official Twitter account of the New York Jets sent out a tweet asking what they should do in free agency. Here have a look for yourself;

New York Jets@nyjets

Free agency begins tomorrow. The Jets priority should be _________.

Believe it or not they are getting plenty of tweets back. The funny thing is that some fans may have more of an idea of what to do than Rex Ryan and the New York Jets front office. Hey why not ask the fans. If you have a twitter account maybe you better log in and let the Jets know what your thoughts are…

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  1. Jeremy Gant

    i htink we v.butler and c. barwin and a og at a good price that way we have to good olbs and we can focus on offence thru the draft which is full of talent just my thoughts i like ej.manual,k.bonner,r.woods


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