Why the New York Giants haven’t got the deal done with Victor Cruz is anyone’s guess. The team is being stubborn by not getting this done and they risk creating some team separation by letting this situation linger on for as long as they have.

How the Giants management can’t see how important Cruz is to the team, is mind-boggling.  Cruz is an important weapon for Eli Manning and he catches most of the passes thrown his way. The Giants aren’t setting a good example if fairness, with the games they are playing in getting a Cruz deal done.

It is no wonder the team has had problems in the past. There is a trust issue between the players and the management. There are no good reasons to not getting a deal done with Cruz. He has proven his worth over the past couple of seasons and everyone who is anyone on the Giants team has expressed their concerns about getting this deal done.

The head coach the quarterback and a few other guys have spoken up. Yet, their voices fall on deaf ears. The Giants organization is numb to their concerns. Why play for a team who doesn’t care how you feel? This has gone on way too long and if the Giants can’t get this done before the OTA’s start, there is going to be some disconnects in New York this season.

This is not a good situation the Giants have going. They need to resolve it and they need to resolve it quickly.

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