The New York Giants a team that was once among the best in the NFL, now looks like a team that has lost its pride. They lost to the Eagles and now are 0-5 on the season. If someone would have told you this team would start the 2013 season at 0-5, you would have thought they were crazy.

The team let money stand in their way and they lost some key players because of it. The shame of it is, Eli Manning is one of those quarterbacks that only come along once in a lifetime. He is a purebred that was raise to lay NFL football. His talents are being wasted this season on a team that doesn’t even show any pride left.

How long is this going to go on? The head coach has lost this locker room and we knew once the finger pointing started last week and the second guessing of Tom Coughlin’s play calling, the Giants were going to have more losses. The Eagles played a good game, but the experience of this Giants team should have been able to pick up a win.

The Giants are performing well on either side of the football. The offensive line is Manning get pressured and he himself if trying to do too much. The team has to recall who they are. They have to regain the pride they once had and it starts with good leadership.

Tom Coughlin has to sit his players down and let them know who is in charge. If he doesn’t do it soon the season will have passed them by. 0-5 is a hole that is going to be hard to climb out of, but if this team can remember who they are, they could win some football games.

If not, this will be one of the worse seasons in the history of this great franchise. It is time for Tom Coughlin to do some ass kicking.

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