Former Denver Broncos player Champ Bailey has pulled one over on the New Orleans Saints. Somehow, him and his agent were able to convince the Saints, he is still capable of playing in the NFL.

Bailey should have left the game when the Broncos left him behind this post season. Bailey is like a punch drunk boxer, who doesn’t know when to get out of the sport.

Bailey is going to embarrass himself and the Saints this season. How he could manage to get a 2 year deal worth almost 7 million dollars, proves the Saints are a charitable organization.

They must have money to burn. Heck, they may have gotten more satisfaction by burning the money, instead of watching a season full of Champ Bailey getting burned.

Bailey once was one of the best in the NFL. Those days are as far behind Champ, as the distance it is from Denver to New Orleans.

The Saints should have known better. You can’t let your picking of players be controlled by your emotions. The NFL is a business and Bailey is a player that should be going out of business.

The Saints will be lucky if Champ Bailey can make it through another NFL season. It will be interesting to see if Bailey can get his severely worn out body ready to play in the 2014 season.


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