For years the Patriots under the guidance of Belichick and quarterbacking skills of Tom Brady have dominated the NFL. The Patriots are looking for a repeat of last years AFC Championship game but they must not be thinking about the Ray Lewis retirement Effect. Lewis is inspiring his Ravens teammates to play at a level that is elevated. When the game starts Sunday, you can bet Lewis is going to have his teammates flying high. Belichick and Brady better be ready to control the pace of play. If the Ravens defense can put pressure on Brady and force him to make some mistakes the Ravens just might be able to take control of this game.

The Patriots may not get the repeat they are looking for. The Ravens are making Lewis’s final season one to remember. This is it for the man who has held the middle line-backer position for the last 17 years. The Patriots may have beaten the Ravens in past AFC Championship games, this one will be one for the record books. This one is Ray Lewis’s last AFC Championship Games. This one may not be the one the Patriots are expecting.


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