You don’t see Jim Irsay sending out any tweets telling everyone who will listen how he took advantage of the Cleveland Browns with the Trent Richardson trade. The more Irsay sees Richardson the more he has to realize he got screwed by Joe Banner and the Cleveland Browns.

Lets look at Richardson’s first half numbers against the Seattle Seahawks today.  He carried the ball only 6 times and had 2 yards rushing. He had a 0.3 yards per carry average.  The Colts got screwed alright, they gave up a first round pick for a guy who performs like a guy that shouldn’t have  ever been included in an NFL draft in the first place.

Trent Richardson is a bust. He is another in a long line of Bama running backs that were so used up in College. they couldn’t perform in the NFL. He is making the Colts look like idiots for giving up a first round pick and that too is something Irsay needs no help with.

To make a comparison of the Colts running backs in the first half of the game, you can clearly see that Richardson is not good. Donald Brown had two touches and rushed for 20 yards. Irsay has to be blind not to see he was taken for a ride by the Browns.

Trent Richardson is a bust and he probably won’t last 4 years in the NFL.

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