In the biggest game of his life, Joe Webb showed the world he wasn’t ready for prime time yet. The Minnesota Vikings were out matched by the Green Bay Packers and they were blown out of the play offs. Webb, who had to take over for an injured Christian Ponder who was inactive with a tricep injury couldn’t get the Vikings offense going. Webb was over-matched by the Packers defense. Weeb completed just 11 of the 30 passes he threw for 180 yards. He had a long pass in the 4th quarter for a touchdown but other than that he didn’t do very well.

The Vikings defense is just as responsible for the loss as the offense was. The Vikings defense did very little to slow down the Packers attack and Green Bay scored in the first 3 quarters of the game . The Vikings did stop Green Bay in the 4th quarter, by then is was already over. The Vikings starting quarterback Ponder was disappointed in the loss as he should be.  Adrian Peterson carried the ball 22 times in the game for only 99 yards. Peterson should be the NFL’s come back player of the year. Now that the Vikings season is over, the team should take a look at their quarterback situation and consider making some changes. That in itself is something to Ponder this off-season.


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