Chad Greenway was able to get to the 49ers quarterback 2 times, he sacked Alex Smith twice and brought the pressure all day long to the 49ers offense. Greenway  had 13 tackles in the game,10 of those were solo tackles. The Vikings showed the NFL they are for real, they beat a great team when they defeated the San Francisco 49ers 24-13. Stopping the offense isn’t exactly easy, the Viking’s had a great defensive day and the Vikings offense played strong too.

Christian Ponder went 21 of 35 for 198 yards and he had two touchdown passes, of course having Adrian Peterson coming out of your backfield is a big help to your quarterback. Peterson didn’t set the world on fire against the 49ers but he did enough to keep the San Fransisco 49ers defense honest. Peterson rushed for 86 yards on 25 carries.It was just enough to make the 49ers defense saty home and watch for the ever elusive Peterson. Just him being there helps the quarterback, Ponder wasn’t sacked by the 49ers defense at all in this game.

If I were handing out the game ball I would hand it to Greenway who had an outstanding game against the 49ers helping his Viking’s defense to shut down one of the best offenses in the NFL…..

Hey tell us what you think of the Vikings this year, leave your comments below….

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