If you watched the Miami Heat battle the San Antonio Spurs last night, you probably saw some questionable calls made by the NBA refs calling the game last night. The Heat is on the positive side of some of those calls and it is a wonder that the refs could play such a huge part in the outcome of the game.

You have to wonder if Nike handed these guys an envelope containing some king of gratuity for their help.  After all it was Nike who made public images of the new LeBron James shoes that say he is a 2 time champion before the game even started.

There were more than a few questionable calls that went Miami’s way last night. There was one foul called against Tim Duncan where it was very clear the foul should have been an offensive call against LeBron James.

The NBA needs to do something to make sure the best team wins these play-off games. With the way the Refs are influencing the games, I am not sure that is taking place. Game seven is going to be an all out war.

It will be interesting to see how many calls the Refs get wrong in this one. I guess it pays to have LeBron James cry to the officials as much as he does in the game.

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