Just have one look at Chris Anderson and something tells you that he ain’t right. The guy is a wacko. His sole purpose of pushing Tyler Hansbrough in game 5 was to try to intimidate him. There was no need for those kind of tactics. Anderson wants to be the replacement of Rodman in the NBA.

The Heat will now have to play without their back-up center. Just think if this guy could actually play the game, how bad the Heat would miss him against the Pacers tonight. The only thing Anderson is good for is to get onto people’s way. The Heat should do just fine without him, the problem is they will be lacking in the sacrificial lamb department.

Who will Erik Spoelstra send out on the floor to intimidate the Pacers now? The guy really doesn’t have anyone else he could lose without missing other than Anderson. The Miami Heat are going to be in for a very physical battle tonight with Indiana and not have the 228lbs. Anderson could come back to haunt them.

Anderson should have thought twice about what he did in game 5. Maybe all that ink is getting to him. His brain is probably overwhelmed with a toxicity.  That is all a guy like Anderson is in the NBA anyway, toxic. To have him go out on the floor and pull the stunts he pulled in game 5, shows the kind of player he is.

I am glad to see him suspended for tonight’s game.


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