The Miami Dolphins were off to a great season. Many thought the team were playing way over their heads and they were off to a 3-0 start. The Dolphins defense couldn’t stop the mighty Drew Brees and this New Orleans Saints offense.

The Dolphins allowed Brees to put together 413 yards of passing to beat the them 38-17. Brees threw 4 touchdown passes and the Dolphins defense looked stunned at times during the game. The Dolphins offense could only score 2 touchdowns and Tannehill who was looking like a much improved quarterback before this game had a tough night.

Tannehill was sacked 4 times and he threw 3 interceptions. This was clearly his worse game of the season this far. The Dolphins offensive line could stop the Saints defense from hitting their quarterback and the game reflects it.

Tannehill only threw for 249 yards and one touchdown. He was lucky to get out of the game without being injured the way the Saints were bringing the pressure to him in the game. The O-line could stop the pass rush and Tannehill couldn’t execute with the heavy pressure he was under.

This was a dream season for the Dolphins, people were wondering when it was going to end. Now that the Dolphins faced a tough team, they can see what they need to improve to be a contender and protecting the quarterback it certainly at the top of the list.


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  1. UriDolp2013

    It was espected defeat in front of powerful team for lack of concentration and costly tunovers. Tannehill still a young QB that needs more experience, especially in running with the ball. This defeat is not so important as a long the Dolphins win against Boltimore and the remaining schedulle vs AFC teams. The Dolphins team may use this ugly and embarrasing experience against the Saints to measure and improve the skills level necessary to think at least, beyond play offs. Why? Before going to far, this Dolphin team need to be able to defeat New England, then Boltimore, and defenetely Denver if they are thinkin seriously about playoffs and beyond. The big problem I noticed against the Saints, especially on the second half was that the Dolphins got intimidated and over run by the effective and dynamic offense by QB Brees. Next time ona similar situation they may use a schoker to inspire players to fight back. The offensive line needs more work to protect Tannehill and help better the running game. Wallace was totally inefective. He needs to fight harder to get the ball, rather than complaint about the lack of participation. Defenitely, the RB Thomas is not capable to help the running game, and this Dolphin team cannot affort that luxury. Miller is a very fast RB, but small and without proper blocking the Dolphins cannot sostein long drives and keep on the bench QB’s like Brees. It is over, and they better came on fire against Boltimore or the season can go down the hill. Phibin needs to be harder on players’ performance to raise the level of intensity and confidence.

    • LG

      You really think the team expects to lose? What kind of thought process is that?


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