By Larry GLicken

The Miami Dolphins were off to a great season. Many thought the team were playing way over their heads and they were off to a 3-0 start. The Dolphins defense couldn’t stop the mighty Drew Brees and this New Orleans Saints offense.

The Dolphins allowed Brees to put together 413 yards of passing to beat the them 38-17. Brees threw 4 touchdown passes and the Dolphins defense looked stunned at times during the game. The Dolphins offense could only score 2 touchdowns and Tannehill who was looking like a much improved quarterback before this game had a tough night.

Tannehill was sacked 4 times and he threw 3 interceptions. This was clearly his worse game of the season this far. The Dolphins offensive line could stop the Saints defense from hitting their quarterback and the game reflects it.

Tannehill only threw for 249 yards and one touchdown. He was lucky to get out of the game without being injured the way the Saints were bringing the pressure to him in the game. The O-line could stop the pass rush and Tannehill couldn’t execute with the heavy pressure he was under.

This was a dream season for the Dolphins, people were wondering when it was going to end. Now that the Dolphins faced a tough team, they can see what they need to improve to be a contender and protecting the quarterback it certainly at the top of the list.


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