Jason Dufner brought something back to the PGA tour we haven’t seen in a good many years. He brought back the waggle. It has been years since we have witnessed a waggle like this. The Golden Bear used to waggle his club on every shot.

With Dufner playing the way he played at the 95th PGA Championship, I think we are going to see this waggle slowing down play at all the local courses throughout the country for some time. It is funny to watch, but you can’t take away the fact that Dufner makes it work for him.

His ball striking was impeccable today. He hit some great wedge shots going into the last few holes. He hit his wedge close on at least three holes in his final round, to leave himself kick in birdies. He had a bit of a hiccup on the 17th when he 3 putted and he went to the 18th tee with a 2 shout lead over Jim Furyk.

He hit his tee shot on 18 catching the rough on the right hand side of the fairway. He needed to hit a good shot to give himself a shot and finally capturing a major championship win. Dufner played a solid round today.

He made his first bogey on the 17th and had 4 birdies before that. He birdies 4,5,8 and the 16th. Dufner looked to take his time walking down the 18th fairway. He needed to calm himself knowing he had a 2 stroke lead going into the 72nd hole.

His ball was in the rough and he pulled 6 iron out of his bag.  He hit a crisp shot and it came up just about 6 feet short and left it in the 45 degree bank just short of the green. It is difficult to find a ball in that thick rough.

Furyk got to his ball first and it took the marshals at least 30 seconds to find that ball because the rough was so thick. Dufner had a shot in which the putting surface was at least 6 feet above his head. He needed to hit this shot like a bunker shot and no matter what he needed to get this shot on the green.

He pulled it off and left his ball just below the hole.  Dufner had about 9 feet left to grab his first major championship victory. He missed the putt but made the short one to win his first major championship. He was greeted by his wife green side and walked to the scoring tent to sign his card to claim his major championship.

Congratulations Jason Dufner.You were due.





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