The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Los Angeles Lakers last night. The Clippers beat the slumping Lakers by a 24 point margin. The Clippers are playing great team basketball, something the Lakers have forgotten about. Great team work is what powered the Clippers past the Lakers in the game. Chris Paul led the Clippers in scoring with 24 points and Blake Griffin had 22 and if that wasn’t enough to send the Lakers to the locker room after the game with another loss, Chauncey Billups put in 21 points of his own.

The Lakers defense looked confused as the Clippers ran all over them in the game. Kobe Bryant only scored 20 points in the game and by Kobe standards that sucks. Dwight Howard did what he could to try and lift the Lakers past the Clippers, he scored 18 points and had 8 rebounds on the night. The problem the Lakers face this season is the great divide in the team. Kobe has been a ball hog this season and guys like Steve Nash are suffering because of it. Nash only had 7 points in the game.

The Clippers move to a record of 39-17 on the season and the Lakers have a record of 25-29. For those of you that think the Lakers are still the team in L.A., Take a look at he records. The L.A. Clippers are coming on strong. It won’t be long until the Clippers replace the Lakers as the team to watch in L.A..


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