The Raiders need to have their heads examined. To consider hiring Mike Homgren to run any part of the Oakland Raiders football organization after the job he didn’t do in Cleveland is a slap in the face to Al Davis. Holmgren that existed once no longer is available. The work ethic no longer comes as part of the package when a team hires Mike Holmgren. What you get is a very expensive guy that does very little but collect the huge pay checks. Mike Holmgren might show up around 10:30 in the morning and he might get a little work done before he retreats to lunch to feed his already over stuffed face.

Homgren no longer gives a team 100% of his attention and still expects to collect his 8 million dollar a year salary. When Holmgren was with the Browns he hired an old family friend to coach the team. The Browns went 4-12 and then 5-11. Holmgren did nothing but hang the guy he hired out to dry. The Browns couldn’t get rid if him fast enough when the new ownership took the team over. The Raiders don’t need to hire a guy like Mike Holmgren. They simply can’t afford to throw money away on a guy that is going to do very little in return.

There once was a time that the NFL had a great deal of respect for Homgen. That wasn’t when he held a front office job. He stunk in Seattle as the teams G.M. and he stunk even worse in Cleveland as the teams president. He has no business in any professional football teams front office and he continues to prove that each time he is hired to do front to office work. The Raiders would be doing a great injustice to the man who wanted to just win baby.

The Oakland Raiders are not going to just win with a guy like Mike Holmgren soaking up the cash . Just say no to Mike Holmgren Oakland. You’ll be glad you did.


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  1. Anonymous

    At least he looks more inelligent than Reggie.

    • LG

      Trust me He is not

  2. the truth

    #1 spell check your story you have misspellings.

    #2 learn to write before you publish your story. this looks like the kind of shit an 8th grader would put on a book report.

    • LG

      Give me a break will ya. What is mis-spelled?


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