The San Fransisco 49ers are about to play the biggest game of their season, The NFC Championship game. Now the team is being distracted by the allegations of a sexual attacked allegedly performed by their wide receiver Michael Crabtree. The San Fransisco police have stated that Crabtree is being investigated in connection of a sexual assault. The alleged incident,was reported to have occurred in the early morning hours Sunday in an unnamed San Francisco hotel.

The police have said that Crabtree had been interviewed while his lawyer was present. One thing that is good for the 49ers was the fact that Crabtree wasn’t detained. Crabtree is a vital part of the 49ers offense and he caught two touchdown passes in the 49ers’ playoff victory over the Green Bay Packers. If Crabtree would have been detained, the 49ers offense could have sputtered. Now 49ers fans have to hope Crabtree isn’t shaken by the alleged allegations and  he is still focused on the task at hand, beating the Atlanta Falcons.

You have to wonder why a guy like Crabtree would put himself in a position to be accused of something this serious. These guys in the NFL have to realize that people have bad intentions. Professional athletes make easy targets for women who would try to take advantage of them. With only one game looming between the 49ers making a super bowl appearance, these allegations couldn’t have come out at a worse time.

The 49ers are going to need all their guys firing on all cylinders to pull off a victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Once the game starts on Sunday Head coach Jim Harbaugh is going to have to keep an eye on Crabtree to make sure his head is in the game. If Crabtree appears to be distracted at all, Harbaugh is going to have to act quickly to make sure his 49ers have the best chance to win.


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  1. Anonymous

    BOY OH BOY!! WHO PAID THIS GIRL TO DO THAT? I’M sure some one had to!! Why can’t people play fair and let the best team win!!Crabtree knows what wouldbe at stake and wouldn’t be that stupid!! If I were him I would turn it around and say she assulted him!! LOL


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