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The Lakers were 12 for 31 from the stripe, but “THEY” were principally Dwight Howard and Jordan Hill, who shot 4-20 between them, as I recall, which means that the rest of the team was a more respectable 8-11… But don’t look for Howard’s f utilities there to change much either in the months ahead. That’s because Dwight is a career 59% free throw shooter and, as is true of almost every center I’ve seen 6’11” or more and 260 pounds or more in the 46 years that I’ve been following basketball, it doesn’t get markedly better no matter HOW hard they work on it between contests or how hard you guys bang on them for missing them in your post game columns. (And believe me they DO work hard on free throw shooting between games—especially Dwight).

But take heart! William Fenton Russell’s career mark from the line (57%) was even worse than Dwight’s is from the charity stripe—yet he still managed to win 11 championships, didn’t he?!?



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