The Los Angeles Lakers have lost to the Chicago Bulls. It is clearly evident that they hired the wrong head coach.  Mike D’Antoni is not an improvement over Mike Brown who they fired after just a few games this season. Why haven’t the Lakers fired D’Antoni yet? This guy has lost the team. He can’t turn things around and the Lakers are off to the worse start in recent history. In last nights game against the Bulls, the Lakers only scored 83 points. The team isn’t playing like the Lakers should play.

Kobe Bryant scored only 16 points. Dwight Howard only put up 8 points. Bringing Howard to the Lakers looks like a bad idea now that we are about half way through the season. The Lakers offense is just not playing like a team. The Lakers are just not responding to their new head coach D’Antoni. The Lakers have a record of 17-24. They have lost more games under D’Antoni than they did under Mike Brown.

Kobe is not being the team leader that we have seen in the past and for the Los Angeles Lakers, the season isn’t going very good at all. The team has to find a way to get these guys back to playing the kind of basketball the people in L.A. are used to seeing. So far they haven’t done that this season.

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  1. Jeff Gomez

    Mike D’Antoni should never have been hired so yes time to fire him

    • Martin Young

      Totally agreed! And Jim Buss, can pack his stuff as well; let Jeanie & Phil run the front office.

  2. Ronald cardwell

    They should have hired Phil Jackson anyway D’Antoni never played defense.

  3. arcane

    Lakers, play some team ball… its time to diss d’antoni and do things on your own…

  4. Nick Shawn McClain

    time to rid the Lakers of D’Antoni.Should have gone with the Zen Master of B Ball . Revenue they will lose wouldnt pay the difference between a shlub and a supreme coach but pride in the Laker franchise means something .

  5. hcharles

    I have followed the Lakers for 40 years. They have great players who are not a great team. It takes leadership to mold them. The present coach is not that leader. His past coaching history should have told the front office this.


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