By Alyssa Noe

NBA playoffs are highly regarded as one of the most exciting post seasons our sports world has to offer. This year we have some interesting match ups. There will definitely be a handful of games that will come down to the wire.

Born and raised in Long Island, New York so logically, I’m a Knicks fan. Fortunately for my sake, I can be proud to walk out of my house with their jersey on, unlike last fall (yes, im a Jets fan.)

The Knicks have put on quite the show this season, and really ever since that huge Carmelo grab, we’ve been slowly rolling toward making a legacy. No ring since ’73; I think it’s safe to say the team we have right now is capable of changing that.

Predictions piss me off. Especially post season predictions. In any game of sports you never know, and when a “win or go home” aspect is on the line, you really can’t predict anything. But, considering this is what sports lovers do, I’ll make a slight prognosis.

Knicks in 6.

They have such rotational depth. Off the bench they’re solid, which is a serious contribution to any playoff run. They have such a strong offense and even against a diligent Celtics, I don’t think Boston can pull through.

Round one kicks off this weekend, and who knows, I may be proven wrong. I wouldn’t be a New York fan without the confidence though, am I right?

Maybe with an impressive run Carmelo can finally get the publicity he deserves, I guess his 40+ point average wasn’t enough to steal the limelight from Lebron.

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