I said beforehand that the Kansas City defense wasn’t nearly as good as most have given them credit for—having compiled most of their success (on BOTH sides of the ball for that matter) against teams that stink.

I can’t even name anybody on the Chiefs’ front three—let alone their front seven.

The Panthers’ “D”, on the other hand, is founded on a rock ribbed front four buttressed by their superb middle line backer Luke Kuechly.

So it came as no surprise at all to me that Carolina beat San Francisco IN San Francisco the week before last and then beat New England last night. In each case Carolina’s defense kept the opposing quarterbacks from wreaking as much havoc as they normally do against other teams…

And I suspect that they’ll continue to do so in the second half of the season and on into the playoffs as long as Hardy and the other members of their front four remain healthy. THAT, and the continued maturation of Cam Newton figure to make the Panthers a tough proposition for any team going forward




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