The Kansas City Chiefs might be able to get to 9-0 this season, but there is no way they are going to get to 10-0. The Chiefs are highly over-rated and it showed in their win over the Cleveland Browns.

Had the Browns not made mistakes late in the game, they would have lost this game. Next up for Alex Smith and Andy Reid are the Buffalo Bills. There is a real possibility the Chiefs can win this game. But then again the Buffalo defense is getting better each week.

Even if Reid gets his 9th win on the season, he and everyone else know the Chiefs aren’t going to beat the Denver Broncos. They will lose when Manning and company come to play, then they have to face the Broncos again in 2 weeks.

Kansas City may be flying high at the moment, but they haven’t played a talented team like Denver yet this season. Manning will eat the Chiefs defense alive. he will show the world how over-rated Kansas City is this season.

They have had an easy schedule and they haven’t face any team’s that are winning team’s. The Chiefs are in for a rude awakening come November 17th. The Broncos will be well rested coming off the bye week and Manning will be ready to go.

The Broncos defense will be healed up and they will pound the heck out of Alex Smith. The Chiefs will lose to the Broncos for sure.

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