The Kansas City Chiefs might be able to get to 9-0 this season, but there is no way they are going to get to 10-0. The Chiefs are highly over-rated and it showed in their win over the Cleveland Browns.

Had the Browns not made mistakes late in the game, they would have lost this game. Next up for Alex Smith and Andy Reid are the Buffalo Bills. There is a real possibility the Chiefs can win this game. But then again the Buffalo defense is getting better each week.

Even if Reid gets his 9th win on the season, he and everyone else know the Chiefs aren’t going to beat the Denver Broncos. They will lose when Manning and company come to play, then they have to face the Broncos again in 2 weeks.

Kansas City may be flying high at the moment, but they haven’t played a talented team like Denver yet this season. Manning will eat the Chiefs defense alive. he will show the world how over-rated Kansas City is this season.

They have had an easy schedule and they haven’t face any team’s that are winning team’s. The Chiefs are in for a rude awakening come November 17th. The Broncos will be well rested coming off the bye week and Manning will be ready to go.

The Broncos defense will be healed up and they will pound the heck out of Alex Smith. The Chiefs will lose to the Broncos for sure.

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  1. nick

    I guess any idiot with an opinion can write an article.

    • LG

      I guess the same can be said for the people leaving the comments…

      • Anonymous

        Keep talking. If you were as knowledgeable as you appear to think you are, you’d make millions in Vegas.

        • LG

          I do alright. Listen and you may make a few bucks the Broncos should be favored by 13 pts over the Chiefs

          • Anonymous

            Manning is gonna get touched and sometimes that’s all it takes

    • Xalvion

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Anonymous

      One that don’t have their facts straight. Broncos have a bye this week. Idiot.

  2. Robert Lee

    Its funny how everyone is hating on the chiefs. But when denver played a good team they lost. So lets see before you run your mouth to much. Because denver cant play against a defense that got either. Im not saying the chiefs are the best. But stop hating and realize that they they coming off a 2 and 14 season. And to turn it around is a great thing that there doing. Btw you get out there and play football. Or coming to germany and suit up. Im over 40 and still play. So just enjoy it. You dont know what will happen. I but you didnt think the colts had a chance either.

    • Gary Doherty

      I am a bronco fan and I bet my buddy who is a chiefs fan that we will spilt the season series. I have always liked alex smith he wins where ever he plays. And if hillman does not (notice he did not suit up last game) fumble on the goal line its a tie game and the broncos win.

  3. corte

    I think the same as Nick. Today with internet anyone can write anything without any sense at all and say they are journalists.

  4. Anonymous

    maybe someone should look at the records of the teams that the broncos beat???

    • Raechel

      Exactly. Their schedule has been quite similar to the Chiefs’. But that would require putting aside obvious biases and actually doing a little work.

    • Rockchok

      Actually, the Donkeys and the Chiefs play virtually the same teams. The only difference is the schedules are flipped

  5. Anonymous

    Denver plays the chargers after bye ,then kc chiefs. manning will be very sore.

  6. Kelly

    You’re an idiot. First of all, It’s a bye week not a buy week. And more importantly the Broncos aren’t coming off a bye week before they play the Chiefs. It’s the Chiefs coming off their bye week and playing the Broncos. The Broncos play the Chargers the 11/10.

    • LG

      No kidding we know it is a Bye week and not a Buy week won’t change the fact about the Chiefs losing to the Broncos.

      • Anonymous

        LG…your a moron. Your Broncos have one of the worst rated defenses in the entire NFL. Your High Power Offense sure didn’t do any good when you finally played a team with a good defense (Indy). I am forecasting a banner day for Hali,Houston & Poe in both games we play your donkeys. And Manning will heave a few interceptions from being rushed. Take that to the bank son!!!

        • LG

          Did you see the defense play Washington? If you didn’t you have no idea what you’re talking about and they are not my Broncos either..

  7. Capt. Stubing

    I’d hold a little more regard toward the “article” writer had he said bye week, rather then buy week, and didn’t sound like a fan on a rant.

  8. dj

    Denver has not played anyone either and lost to the Colts and let Jacksonville hang around

  9. Anonymous

    Yeah…everyone “knew” that Manning would win his return to Indy…and how did that work? Everyone “knows” that the Chiefs haven’t beaten a team with a winning record…and neither have the Broncos. And everybody “knows” that the Broncos will be well rested after a bye when they face the Chiefs…except that they won’t be because they play @ SD on 11/10! Try getting the facts straight before you attempt to tell us what everybody “knows”, k?

    • Mlasiter

      What an idiot! A donkey fan for sure. Chiefs will stomp them. Defense wins championships!

      • LG

        Where was this championship winning defense last Sunday when they played Cleveland?

        • Anonymous

          On the field beating the Browns

          • ToniNRando


        • Anonymous

          they won didn’t they? donkeys opponents have a .316 winning percentage, the chiefs opponents have a .327, now who has played a tougher schedule load mouth?

    • Anonymous

      Best comment of the day. Everyone thinks Manning is a God then why only one superbowl ring? and didn’t a team of Ravens kick their butt in the cold weather last year?

    • Dave

      The Denver defense is going to “pound the heck out of Alex Smith”? Aren’t they the same defense that let Dallas hang almost 50 points on them? The same Cowboys that KC’s defense almost completely shut down? If strength of schedule is all that matters then why don’t the Broncos, Chargers or Raiders hold all of their opponents to 17 points or less and lead the league in sacks? Now pay attention here LG, Peyton Manning struggled against the Colts because they got in his face and planted him on his butt a few times. Throughout his career when he has had problems it has been against teams that pressure him. KC has a fast, aggressive and talented defense that may do the opposite of what you claim. They may very well show that Manning’s numbers are overrated due to their strength of schedule. Alex Smith may not be flashy but he is mobile and makes smart choices. He may have his best game of the year against the Bronco’s defense which gives up points quarter after quarter.

  10. LB

    Fellows this is for all of you. ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!

  11. Mark Bellware

    Hy- care to look up the “tough” schedule the ponies have had to date? Very very much the same- but for the Colts, who whpped their ass! Ravens Giants
    Jaguars Colts
    Opp. win loss %- pretty easy schedule.

    • Anonymous

      the schedules are 95% identical and the only two teams on each that differ we play teams in the exact same division broncos have played teams with a 22-38 record

  12. Anonymous

    The Broncos will lose and hurt Manning come week 11 just like the Colts did I have,faith in my Chiefs so quit talking CRAP til the game !!!

  13. Anonymous

    what an idiot

  14. Mark

    LG- One simple truth when Teams play unbeaten Teams they work harder play harder go for the win. Look at two seasons ago Green Bay 13-0 Defeated by the Chiefs, which Team went on to better things? Not the Chiefs. With KC’s defense in Manning’s face for four quarters and the fact that its Denver VS. Kansas City will be a close game just because of the rivalry. KC will be fresh off a Bye week not Denver. After 4 quarters look at the scoreboard you may be surprised at what you see. Manning is not Elway so this Chiefs fan feels that much safer.

    • LG

      I guess we wait and see but I don’t think the Chiefs can beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos……..

      • Anonymous

        Keep in mind with last year’s terrible team, Denver only won by 8 in KC, with Brady Quinn as the QB. This defense is so much better and the offense has better players all around.

  15. Anonymous

    either way, what Andy Reid and Alex smith have done for that team this year is amazing in its self. Go chiefs!!

    • Anonymous

      Hey all Chief haters! Did Payton win the Super Bowl last year? I seem to have forgotten he chocked again in the big time!!

      • annon

        He chocked? Tool. When has KC been ANYWHERE Near a Superbowl in how long!? Shut your sperm holder asshat.

    • Anonymous

      This is NOT journalism. Waste of a read. And defending ignorance only proliferates it. Hats off–at least you had the sense to fix the “buy” weeks. Yeesh!

  16. db

    For all you donkey fans claiming how easy the chiefs schedule is, check out the donkeys schedule, you find the winning percentage is a .316 compared to the chiefs .327, so now who has the weaker schedule?

  17. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous

    How and the hell did anyone employ you to write an article? Anyone that knows anything about football, can’t guarantee someone will win. I pray that the Chiefs make you eat your words. There is a reason Denver lost to Indy….pressure….guess who’s got the most sacks in the league smart guy

  19. Anonymous

    who have the broncos beat? has anybody even looked at the schedule? we are in the same division which means aside from order played and the fact kc gets buffalo while denver plays new england, (both afc east teams) and the chiefs get the browns with the broncos playing the ravens (again browns ravens are afc north teams) their schedules are IDENTICAL, denvers opponents combined record stands at 22-38 and they lost to the 1 team they have played with a winning record. we may not be beating teams by scoring 40pts a game but we dont need to because nobody can score more than 17 against us, we could use improvement across the board but hey trent dilfer won a ring in baltimore when that offense couldn’t score a touchdown for four consecutive weeks. if your going to write an article on the internet just to trash a team fine, but at least do minimal due diligence first huh?

  20. Brooke

    LOL. Except the Broncos DON’T have a bye the 10th, they play the Chargers. Chiefs are fresh off a bye week on the 17th. This is the most ignorant piece of journalism I’ve read in a while. Thanks.

  21. Anonymous

    yeah anaiyst never get it wrong..1985, Bears at Home Vs. the Dolphins….1976, John Madden will never win a Super Bowl with the Raiders…and to many more to list

  22. Anonymous

    Peyton will need another neck surgery, when he plays chiefs hali and houston will rip his head off

  23. BRETT

    The CHIEFS are the ones coming off the bye when they play not the DONKIES! The Broncos haven’t played a complete game in the last 3 games. I think they can lose but there are no guarantees in the NFL. I hope you bet a lot of money on that game and learn your lesson.

    • BRETT

      I’ll make that 4 games. Beating Dallas 48-50 is not dominating!

  24. Big Dawg

    How much do you want to put on it, the chiefs and denver will split the two games. How much? Put yopur money where your mouth is.

    • LG

      u tell me

  25. icekube

    This article has is bullentin board material. The Broncos are wishing this wasn’t written. Thank You very much for the material. I bet every cheif player will read this everyday for the next 2 weeks. I can’t wait

  26. icekube

    Bullington Board Material for the next 2 plus weeks.

  27. Anonymous

    Hmmm its the Chiefs who will be coming off a bye week prior to Nov 17. Broncos play Chargers in SD the week before KC takes it to them

    • LG

      The point was the Broncos have a Bye week before they play the chiefs. Manning and the defense will be rested up and will kick the crap out of the Chiefs….

      • Rusty Holmes

        ok sure! You keep on believing…..hell might as well not even play the game….and even if they do beat KC in Denver still alot of time left in the season…its a marathon not a race

  28. Todd

    Nick you are right. This dipstick needs to check his schedule. The Broncos have a bye this week not next. They play San Diego the week before the Chiefs.

  29. Anonymous

    You’re obviously a Donkey fan. The Chiefs and Denver play virtually the same schedule in reverse. So the same could be said for Denver….”They haven’t played anyone”. Well when KC and Denver meet, then that game will have counted as each one having played someone. BTW each team that the Chiefs have beat, has scored many more points against their other opponents…..including the Donkeys. Denver has had “shootouts”. Don’t get it twisted thinking that the Donkeys are gonna just “blow up” against KC like they have on their other victims. I think both games will be EPIC!

    • LG

      Not really

  30. scott

    Whoa dude! You got it all twisted. The Donkeys have played virtually the same schedule the Chiefs have….just reversed. KC is allowing 12.3 points a game….ALL WINS DUDE! The Donkeys are WAY DOWN THE CHART 28.8 points a game. Hell even lowly Jacksonville had the Donkeys on the ropes. Ville got what…all of 2 points against the Chiefs. We know the Chiefs will not get ANY respect, or notoriety until they take the AFC west, which by the way was already awarded to the Donkeys before the season began, but that is why they play the games…isn’t it. I think the games between the 2 teams will be EPIC!

    • Anonymous

      How did Jacksonville have them on the ropes? It’s no question that the Chiefs have squeaked by a number of opponents – they have NO OFFENSE. Yes, the won those game (which is what ultimately matters), but don’t argue the fact that the Chiefs are barely getting by (thanks to their defense). They will not know what hit them in Denver. Watch and see

      • Charles Herrmann

        The same can be said about the Broncos… There offense has gotten them by. There defense is terrible and a few plays and they would of lost a few more games… If I had to pick one I would prefer a Great D over a Great O… The game will be tough for both teams, but the Chiefs deserve more credit for 8-0!!!

  31. goodinkc


  32. scooterj

    Heres a coupe things we should all be asking. KC received a soft schedule due to a 2-14 season, why the heck did Broncos also get an easy schedule coming off a season with a playoff appearance. KC will be ready to play and : win-Loose-or draw, they’ll be playing to win. EVERYONE expects KC to loose this game. KC might just surprise everyone. Go Chiefs

    • Anonymous

      Because we are in the same division as the Chiefs! Duh!

  33. Anonymous

    The broncos have played almost the same schedule but the broncos have played the harder teams that were different than the cheifs schedule

  34. yldhare

    Having been a loyal fan of the Chiefs for years, I can say that the upcoming Denver game is a worry. Not because of the team but of Manning alone. Regardless of the outcome Chiefs deserve all the respect of an 8-0 team, this is the NFL, tough and hard. The numbers say Chiefs are a better team, still the sports casters are afraid to go against the grain and slight the Broncos in the least. There’s 16 games, were .500 and will go to the playoffs thats more important than greasing the ego of Manning and his followers. Without him they’re a mediocre team at best.

  35. Jeff

    Let’s be logical here. The Chiefs AND the Broncos have played relatively easy schedule. Neither team is likely as good as their record. Broncos have a great offense, Chiefs have a great defense. Broncos have the edge in Mile High, Chiefs have the edge in Arrowhead. However, to say there is “no way” the Chiefs can beat the Broncos is a little short sighted I believe.

    • LG

      I really can’t see the Chiefs stopping the Broncos after the way the Defense in KC played the Browns on Sunday. What was the D taking a day off? The Browns offense isn’t good at all and if they didn’t make mistakes Cleveland might have beat the Chiefs….

      • Anonymous

        Obviously the chiefs d did take the day off vs the browns, hardly blitzed at all, but guess what, the chiefs still got the w. Both games will b good, donks win in Denver, chiefs win in Kc, chiefs win the west at 13-3, donks at 12-4. If Peyton gets hurt, donkey season over!

  36. Marcos

    Stop Hating on my chiefs Dumb ass, you can tell you are damn bronco fan. when we beat your asses make sure post again.

  37. Anonymous

    Stop hating on My CHIEFS, you are just afraid of us, I can tell you are a damn bronco fan. when beat your asses post again.

  38. Kendell

    OK lets play it your way KC. Who have the Broncos played NO ONE, so the chiefs have played NO ONE, The Broncos and chiefs DON’T have the same schedules, the Chief play ed or will play the Colts, Texans, Cowboys and NY Giant at home the broncos played all them on the Road, and unlike the Chiefs the Broncos are leaving no doubt who the better team in with the teams they have beaten. Unlike the Chief that Broncos won games last year. If the Chiefs played the Broncos Schedule they would be 4-3 lost AT DALLAS, INDY, Baltimore.

  39. Paul

    What’s hilarious are all the comments that say the Chiefs .327 is WAY tougher than Denver’s .316 strength of schedule. I think it’s obvious both teams are playing soft teams. It’s hilarious that such bad schedules could be contrasted in such a way. KC has a very good defense but Alex Smith will always be their achilles heel. Peyton is not a “god” as someone mentioned earlier but neither was Dan Marino and I’d take Marino on my team any day despite the fact that “he” didn’t win a superbowl.

  40. BroncoMania

    The Chefs will be asked to leave Hells Kitchen!

  41. JC

    The Broncos will kill the Chiefs. When we played the Dolts, it was Von’s first game back, and we were missing four starters on defense. When we play the Chefs, we will expose them for what they are. A LAST place team playing a creampuff schedule a barely getting by. Denver is scoring 45 points a game and winning by double digits. The Chiefs have a total of 16 TD’s . Denver has 40. The Broncos will CRUSH The Chefs.

  42. JC

    And BTW…Reid looks like a drunken Santa Claus with his big fat gut in his stupid red outfit.

  43. FMI

    Here is a fact for the guy who wrote this article. Peyton Manning will indeed throw a pick six in the first round of playoffs and end Broncos season like he did last season and the season before that. He will choke under pressure like he always does.

  44. Orange and Blue

    Oh how funny it i when the Queefs are having a halfway decent season. Decent is beating crap teams at home by 1 point or barely winning by 6 against a 3rd string QB for Cleveland. Denver is considered bad when they win by 20 and score 40 points. Queefs are overrated and only their fans dont see that. Get Andy Reids fat rolls out of your eyes and watch the games

  45. C.MAB.


    • LG

      I don’t see why not….

  46. Mike Butricks

    You know, Im not sure if this guy is a Raiders or Broncos fan. It seems oozing with confidence for Denver, but with such distain for KC. I am from KC and if there is one thing that I know, Its that we will all cross this bridge when we get there. It is highly unlikely that we will beat Manning and Co. in Denver. Although, Arrowhead is back with exponential home field advantange. I personally expect us to lose twice. But I have also been watching this rivalry for 30 years and I know that You never know what might happen.

  47. Rick

    Both teams are good . Denver has a great Offense. K.C. has a great defense. it’s gonna be a great game. The first game Denver 24 K.C. 20. The second game K.C. 20 Denver 14. The third game is the one that matters.

  48. cis robins

    Do not dish Chief’s till game is over u at have to eat your words!!!

  49. LG

    Hey Chris while we appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts, please do us a favor and show that your IQ is high enough to do it without the unnecessary language. BTW I don’t care what the percentage is Manning and Broncos kick the Chiefs butts. Wait and see…

  50. Jim Lester

    The games between Denver and KC could be close based on good KC defense or could be a blowout by Denver. There is no chance of a blowout by KC due to their below par offense. If I were a Chiefs fan that would worry me.

  51. Anonymous

    The Chiefs can’t keep up on scoring like the Broncos..

  52. LG

    I hear what you are saying but the Chiefs offense can’t compete with Manning. You’ll see

  53. Anonymous

    Um, the Chiefs offense won’t compete with Manning. It will compete with the Denver Defense, which has beens struggling. You are obviously not a Chiefs or Broncos fan if you don’t think that both these teams are going to bring it to both games. They depise each other; both games are going to be good.

  54. LG

    I mean Manning will out score KC so fast Smith and the offense won’t be able to keep out and then the game is out of reach

  55. Anonymous

    Or….KC secondary will attack the short routes hard causing Manning to have to stay in the pocket longer to let deeper routes develop…..He will be seeing a lot of #91 and #50 both games. If KC wins in Denver, it will be because of their defense and special teams, if they sweep at home, it will be because of the loudest stadium in the NFL.

  56. LG

    KC Secondary is the worse part of the defense, lets hope for the Chiefs sake they don’t have to rely on the secondary cause if they do it is going to be all over….

  57. ChristianOkoye

    i didn’t realize fan boys got to ‘write’ ‘articles.’ LG’s analysis of the Chief secondary is lacking. They have a great secondary if no one is hurt. But what makes all secondaries better is the pass rush, duh… And we have that in spades. Denver’s D is much more suspect than KC’s. If Denver turns the ball over more than KC (in Denver) then the Chiefs have a great chance of winning. In KC, Denver is going to get rocked.

  58. LG

    Are you high? The Secondary is the weak spot of their defense. Read some scouting reports….

  59. ChristianOkoye

    um look at 10 interceptions, 57 passes defended and 208 yds per game avg. they are a top tier secondary in the league, even with B. Flowers injuries.

  60. LG

    Um look at their last performance. No Int’s, they gave up 293 yards passing and it was against the guy who hasn’t played an NFL game since last Dec. What do you suppose is going to happen when Manning faces them. The leading passer in the NFL this season?

  61. ChristianOkoye

    that’s not a great argument, but lets look at it. Jason Campbell is a much more mobile qb than Manning, a large chunk of those yards were on 2 plays, and Denver’s secondary gives up about 100 more yards a game than KC does. Denver’s offense is only getting worse or staying the same, KC’s offense is still evolving and improving. And the Chiefs and Broncos have played the same crappy teams, all year. If you think about performances against the same teams, why did KC go into Jacksonville and win 28-2, while Denver played the Jags at home and look like Jacksonville had a chance? I don’t need to continue pointing out that Denvers’ offense hasn’t really been tested against great defenses, and letting Romo score almost 50 points is a joke. Dallas is so dysfunctional in all phases of the game, including coaching, and it was just squeezing by in a barn burner. Time will tell.

  62. LG

    The argument is that Manning is a far superior passer than Campbell. The argument is that he will stand in the pocket and surgically pick the Chiefs apart. The Denver defense is much improved over the past couple of weeks. I wrote several articles saying the defense was the weakness. After seeing them against the Redskins I am not sure they are weak any longer. Hey best of luck to you and your chiefs I think you will meed it.


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