The Chiefs are now losing football games. This is their second loss in a row, and this one has to hurt. It looked the Chiefs were going to record their 10th win on the season.

Then it happened, with less than 30 seconds left in the game the Chiefs were winning, 38-34. Then Phillip Rivers decided to take advantage of the Chiefs weak spot in their defense and he tossed a great touchdown pass to take the lead.

The Chiefs lost two of their pass rushers in the first half of the game. Then, they had no rush. The Chiefs aren’t facing an easy opponent in their next game and they are going to have to battle against Peyton Manning again and there is very little chance of this Chiefs team winning.

Lets face it folks, the honeymoon is now over for Andy Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs team. They are going to have their problems for the rest of the season and will be lucky to find another win the rest of the way.

Alex Smith performed well in the game and he competed on the same level as Rivers. Smith completed 26 of 38 for 294 yards and 3 touchdowns. He can’t do it all by himself. he needs his defense to stop the other team.

This was a over-rated Chiefs defense this season. They played teams that sucked and they should have beat them. Andy Reid has to lift his guys to another level before they take on the Broncos next week.

If he can’t do this, the Chiefs are going to lose their 3rd in a row.



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