The Kansas City Chiefs suffered loss number one on the 2013 season. They were out played by the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs defense that was leading the NFL in sacks, couldn’t get to Peyton Manning.

They didn’t have one sack in the game, and Alex Smith was out gunned in the game. Smith tried to match the NFL’s best quarterback, but fell short.

Kansas City lost the game 27-17 and they never really had the chance to come away with a win at Mile High Stadium. Smith was pressured by the Broncos defense and was sacked 3 times.

He completed 21 of the 45 passes he threw and had 2 touchdowns in the game. He was hit by the Broncos defense 5 times in the game.

Dwayne Bowe had 4 catches in the game for 57 yards, he was thrown to 14 times and was only able to come down with 4 of those passes. What kind of performance was that?

You have to make some of those catches, you can’t play a top team in the NFL, perform this bad and expect to win the game. The Chiefs offense has been bothered by dropped passes all season, they only caught 21 of the 44 passes Smith threw their way.

The Chiefs receivers did a terrible job helping their quarterback in this game. Kansas City has nothing to be ashamed of this season. They are 9-1 now after the loss to the Broncos and tied for first place in the AFC West.

The bad news is, the Chiefs have to play the Broncos again in 2 weeks. They will probably lose this game too. The Broncos are a better football team than the Chiefs and you could almost see it on the face of Andy Reid as he stood on the sidelines with no answers on how to stop Peyton Manning.

The Chiefs are having one hell of a season and nobody thought they could win them all.

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  1. Erik

    we’re still tied for first in the AFC West, though


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