The Kansas City Chiefs have the real possibility to get to 8-0. First they have to beat a very pissed off Houston Texans team. They have to be sure not to overlook the Texans this weekend, even though they are at 2-4 on the season.

The Chiefs defense has played great so far this season. They bring pressure to the quarterback and this helps them to create turn-overs. But the Texans have a very dangerous guy on their defense by the name of JJ Watt.

This guy brings his own kind of pressure to the offense. He is a real threat to get to the quarterback and his long reach enables him to knock down the pass. Smith has to play a smart game, he has to avoid Watt and he has to make a couple of plays that will enable the Chiefs to keep their offense on the field.

If he can do that, the Chiefs defense will be will rested and they should have no problem controlling the Texans offense. The only questions that remain unanswered are how many sacks can the CHiefs get this weekend?

The Chiefs have made a living out of sacking the quarterback this season. The defense is a real threat to any NFL quarterback they fave> This week we can see the Chiefs get to 7-0 but next week when they face Cleveland’s QB, the team should have no problems getting to him. They might set a record sacking the QB in this game.

If the Chiefs play smart football against the Texans, they should have no problems getting to 7-0. I would take the Chiefs to win and they should be able to cover the points spread.

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