The Indianapolis Colts played well all season most of which they had Bruce Arians as the teams interim head coach.  As Chuck Pagano battled for his life with leukemia, the Colts continued to win football games. Bruce Arians the teams offensive coordinator did a remarkable job getting the Colts to 11-5 on the regular season. It’s a shame Arians had to be taken to the hospital today and miss the biggest game of the season. The Indianapolis Colts lost to the Baltimore Ravens in a season that Arians will never forget. It could very will be his last with he Colts if he is hired by another NFL team looking to replace their head coach.

Andrew Luck help to turn the Colts into a winner in his rokie season. Many thought he would, it is difficult to think just how good this guy will be one day. The Colts should have been able to have Arians on the side lines today. It is unbelievable how things go in the world. First the Colts lose Pagano, then in the play offs they lose Arians. You tell me which one was the biggest lose. It looks like Arians to me. Andrew Luck had to face the Baltimore Ravens without his offensive coordinator in a game that meant a lot to the Colts. Facing the Ravens is never easy, facing the Ravens without a guy with Bruce Arians experience after playing 16 games with him calling the plays is impossible.

Some say the Colts have a difficult obstacle to overcome toady. Those people would be right. Andrew Luck did what he could, he was shooting blind without the skillful eyes of Arians today. It is a shame the Colts season came to an end without Bruce Arians on the sidelines. Some would say it is outright UN-just…..

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