By Larry GLicken

This Saturday night the NFL fans will get a chance to see the number one draft pick Andrew Luck face the Number 2 pick RGIII. Andrew Luck continues to impress with his game time presence, this kid looks like a highly skilled veteran player already. Against the Steelers Luck made a couple of throws he wished he had back, the Steelers picked him off twice. All Luck did next was to march his Colts tight down the field and get them into the end-zone to make a game out of it.

RGIII looked impressive himself in his first NFL preseason debut. Last week RGIII didn’t have it so easy, he was sacked a couple of times and didn’t really have a great night. Nonetheless this game between the Colts and the Redskins will draw a huge audience. People interested in seeing the number one overall pick vs the number 2 overall pick will be able to compare them face to face. I think Luck has already taken away any questions as to why he was the number one pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

RGIII may be facing a tougher opponent in Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts than some might have thought after last season. It’s amazing what a difference what a soon to be great quarterback can make.

Be sure to tell us who you think will come out on top in this game, leave your comments below…..


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