Could this be the year Matt Schaub Takes his Houston Texans to the Super Bowl? It could be way to early to be having this conversation, they still have a lot of football to play in Texas. The Texans are the only team in the NFL to play 7 games and win 6 of them. The Texans had a taste of play-off football in the 2011 season and from what I was told by a guy who was there, they really enjoyed the atmosphere of play-off football.  The same guy told me he couldn’t even imagine what the atmosphere would be like in a Super Bowl.

If the Houston Texans can play the rest of their schedule at the same caliber they played the first 7 games at they may not have to imagine what that atmosphere is like, the team could very well experience it first hand.  When the Texans faced the Ravens and walked away beating them by 30 points head turned that day. People turned to take notice of just how powerful a team the Texans can be. Sure the Ravens are having problems with injuries, sure the teams emotional leader for the past 17 years wasn’t able to compete, nonetheless the Houston Texans kicked some serious butt.

The Ravens offense was held to just 1 touchdown. This shows you the Texans have the defense it takes to compete with some of the best the NFL can throw their way. The Ravens offense can produce when needed, they couldn’t do that against the Houston Defense. The Houston pass rush was able to get to Joe Flacco four times in the game, sacking him for a loss of 26 yards. Flacco is no stranger to pressure, he is usually able to dump the ball off to burn the defense he faces, that wasn’t the case with the Texans defense. This group of guys are primed to do what it takes to win big football games.

If the Houston Texans can stay healthy for the remainder of the 2012 season things are going to very interesting come play off time. If may be too early to be talking about it, I think the Texans are already thinking about it. How could they not be?

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