Matt Schaub and his Houston Texans are off to a rough start. This doesn’t give the fans permission to heckle Schaub’s family. When fans cross the line, they should be careful not to include the players family members, for them to take pictures of his family and post them on social media sites, they went way overboard.

The Houston fans are over reacting, the team has only played 5 game this season and are only one game under .500. The team can make a come back. They are only 2 games out of leading the division and they just need to get back to playing the kind of football they are capable of.

If Schaub has to worry about the safety of his family, how is he supposed to stay focused on playing football. The guy doesn’t need this kind of distraction especially with the schedule the Texans have in front of them. The team started off with 2 wins and of the 3 losses the Texans lost 2 of those games to some pretty tough opponents.

Losing to the Seahawks was tough to take. Houston played well, but in the end they fell by only 3 points. You don’t see people heading over to J.J. Watt’s house and making trouble. He would probably toss a few people off his property.

The fans need to back off and give Schaub a chance to focus on his job. The season is still young and there is still plenty of time to get some wins. Back off people and let the man do his job.

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  1. JennAnnTexanFan

    This did NOT happen. HPD verified they were NOT called to Schaub’s house. The report was of a ‘suspicious male’ in his driveway.

    • LG

      How is there a report if the police weren’t called?


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