The Green Bay Packers have always been a team where players give 110%. Signing Seneca Wallace to become Aaron Rodgers back up was a big mistake. The Packers will soon learn that Wallace is one selfish S.O.B. He could care less about his teammates or helping anyone on the football team to become more productive.

The thing that Wallace does best is stand on the sidelines holding a clipboard and collecting his check. The guy makes no effort to learn how to help his team win. If he is called upon to take the place of Rodgers, don’t expect to win many football games. Sure he can throw the football, but he doesn’t extend himself enough to win games.

The Packers would have been better off signing Tim Tebow to back up Rodgers, at least Tebow would make an effort to learn the offense and he give far more of himself than a guy like Wallace. When Seneca Wallace was in Cleveland he was beat out by Colt McCoy as the team’s starting QB.

Wallace refuse to help McCoy learn anything about the NFL offense. Even though both men were on the same team, Wallace said he was there to coach anyone. The team could have used any help they could have gotten, and Wallace was an NFL veteran QB that may have been able to offer some advice but refused to do so.

He is a self serving self centered selfish person. The only thing Seneca Wallace cares about is Seneca Wallace. The Packers will find out soon enough what a mistake signing him was. Lets hope Rodgers can stay healthy through the 2013 season. If they have to call on Wallace they are in big trouble.

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  1. LK

    I’m not following these leaps in logic. Wallace is a solid backup. Tebow is a garbage pile. End of discussion.

    • LG

      A solid back up? When was the last time you followed his career? He hasn’t won anything in years. He had the chance to win in Cleveland and didn’t do nothing…..

  2. MamaBearTide

    Who would have thought that Selfish Senaca was really that selfish little backup qb. Why would the Packers even consider Tebow? He can’t play!


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