The banged up Green Bay Packers face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. The Packers head into this game being favored by 10 points. If Green Bay is able to bring the pressure to the Cleveland quarterback, he will fold.

The Packers saw AJ Hawk get to the quarterback last week, this week Hawk needs to continue to pressure the QB in the absence of Clay Matthews.  If he can do that he will help his team beat the Browns, because Weeden can’t deal with pressure.

The guy is afraid and he plays like he is afraid. If the Packers defense can stay in Weeden’s face they will force this guy to throw some interceptions. That is all it is going to take to get a win over the Cleveland Browns.

Pressure Weeden and he’ll make the mistakes which will hand the game over to the Green Bay offense and then Aaron Rodgers can pick the Browns defense apart with some short intermediate passes. The Browns defense came into the season playing great.

Lately, they have fallen backwards.. Rodgers will quickly recognize the Cleveland defense lacks the line-backers that can stop the short intermediate passes.  It won’t take long to march the Packers into the end-zone once Rodgers finds his tempo.

The Packers can blow out the Browns and earn their 4th win of the season if they pressure Weeden and stick to the over the middle intermediate passes.

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