The Green Bay Packers just made their quarterback Aaron Rodgers a lot richer than he was earlier this morning.  Rogers will make 40 million dollars in the first year of his new deal. The Packers are going to pay him, 110 million over five years.

That gives Rodgers a higher per year average than the Joe Flacco deal. Rodgers will average 22 million a year with this deal. He is going to be the highest paid player in the history of the NFL.

The Packers are passing out money to their veterans, while the rest of the NFL is concentrating on the draft. Rodgers said; “I’m very thankful to the organization for making this happen,” I’ll bet his is thankful. He has a lot to be thankful for.

While it is nice to see Rodgers get that kind of money, it makes me wonder when this is going to stop. I mean he you have guys playing football and making more money than a heart surgeon.

How long can the NFL keep paying these players these sums of money? The guy is making more money than some of the worlds most important CEO’s. Soon, we will see a 200 million dollar man in the NFL.

The fans aren’t going to be able to afford a ticket to the games if this keeps up. These guys need to come back into reality. Between 4 NFL quarterbacks you have a half of billion in salaries. It is making me wish I was 30 years younger and knew how to throw a football.

Congratulations Mr. Aaron Rodgers, you just made me jealous….

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