The Cincinnati Bengals don’t seem to be to worried stopping the Browns number one draft pick Trent Richardson this week in what is deemed as the battle of Ohio.  The Bengals are saying Richardson is just ordinary. The Cleveland Browns face the Bengals in the first of their normal 2 game series. The Browns are hoping Trent Richardson can help them find the end-zone with the football in tow. The Bengals have seen Richardson run in the  Browns first game of the 2012 season and don’t seem to be too worried about stopping him.

The Bengals defense will probably bring pressure to the Cleveland offense, the Bengals have to be hot after  losing their first regular season game to their division rival Ravens. Marv Lewis always has his team up to face the Browns. Lewis will be thinking about the pressure his defense can apply to the Cleveland quarterback Brandon Weeden more so than stopping Trent Richardson. Lewis knows once Weeden faces pressure he falls apart, it was part of his rap in college and Weeden seems to be bringing it into the pros. He just doesn’t do well under pressure.3

Even though Lewis will be bringing plenty of pressure against the Browns 28-year-old rookie Q.B. he has to be worried about the Browns defense who applied plenty of pressure to the Eagles last week. Dalton faced a considerable amount of pressure facing the Ravens and Lewis knows the Browns defense is the driving force behind the Browns so far this season. Stopping Richardson and the Browns offense is one thing, controlling the Browns defense may be another.

If the Bengals are going to have success against the Browns this weekend Dalton and his Bengals are going to have to beat the Browns defense.


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