When one of the worlds best golfer, tells you not to worry Tiger Woods will break my majors record, you usually stand up and take notice. That is exactly what Jack Nicklaus did this weekend when speaking on national television. He said Tiger Woods will still break my major record. Is it time for us to worry about the Golden Bear who is now going through his golden ages? Is Jack suffering from a touch of dementia? Has he really paid attention to the state of Tigers game?

Maybe Nicklaus was just being nice. Woods was lucky to finish the tournament at the place Jack built at just 4 over par. Tiger had all kinds of troubles in his final round and we all know he wanted to just finish his day and get the heck out of there.  Woods was long gone by the time Jack Nicklaus came on the scene and started to sing Tiger praises. The Worlds number 2 Tiger Woods had better get his game in order before the Masters gets here. While Augusta National doesn’t have the trouble throughout the course that the Bear Trap has there are still places throughout the course that can leave you in trouble.

With the state of Tigers game now, he could end up with a host of trouble once he gets to Augusta. Woods putting is not the putting conducive of winning a major, especially not on the green at the Masters. Woods looks like he is having trouble  controlling the speed of his puts. He also looks like he is having trouble holding the lines of his putts. Not only is Woods short game not as sharp as it once was, his is struggling off the tees too.
If Tiger gets to the Masters and is playing the same kind of golf he just finished playing at the Honda Classic, he will have his hands full. Jack might want to see Tiger break his major record, but from where I am watching Woods play from it doesn’t look like it is coming anytime soon….



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