The New York Giants are obviously in panic mode. Signing Peyton Hillis is a huge mistake the team shouldn’t have made. This guy isn’t going to help the team win. They should have signed a guy like Randy Moss, Hillis is a bust out.

He has had one decent rushing year in the NFL and since, he has done very little. If they were looking for a guy that looks decent in an NFL uniform they found their man, it won’t help the team win. Hillis is a self centered jerk and could care less about the team he plays for.

The man proved that when he played in Cleveland. Hillis is one of the biggest busts in NFL history, talk about the Madden curse, he got it and he can’t get rid of it. Ever since he was on the cover of Madden he has done very little to help team’s win.

The history of Hillis should have been obvious to the Giants. They only had to look at his history with the team’s he played for and they would have seen he isn’t going to make a difference to the Giants.

In 2012 Hillis had 309 rushing yards for the Chiefs. He couldn’t make it with Tampa Bay, so the Giants sign him. This is a joke, there is no way Giants should waste time on Hillis. he isn’t going to help the team turn things around.

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  1. richb

    Question for writer-How is a 7th round pick a bust? Sounds like he stole your girlfriend.

    • LG

      Anyone who plays in the NFL should help the team win,Hillis don’t do that.


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