Victor Cruz has an offer that would make him an instant millionaire. He could go from making 490,000 dollars a year to making 7 million dollars a year.

Reports are saying no other NFL team is willing to give up a first round pick and that kind of money to gain the services of Victor Cruz.

So, what’s the hold up? This is a great deal and it shows the New York Giants are serious about making Cruz a Giant for the long haul.

Manning and his teammates have made it clear that Cruz is a vital part of the Giants offense.

Now, it is up to Cruz and his people to make a decision to stay in New York.  Cruz is wanted there. He has the respect of everyone on the team that matters including the coaching staff.

The offer the Giants reportedly put on the table for Cruz, exceeds $7 million per year while adding a “sizable amount” of guaranteed money.

What more can Cruz want? He should take the deal and set his focus to wining football games in New York. That is what he and his teammates need to do.



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