The Pittsburgh Steelers have their biggest game of the season and they will have to play it without their starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers almost lost big Ben permanently, his sprained right throwing shoulder injury is nothing compared to the rib injury he suffered. The rib injury he suffered could have penetrated his aorta. If the rib would have punctured the artery Ben Roethlisburger would have bleed to death before the medical staff even got to him on the field. It is the rib injury that is going to keep Roethlisberger sidelined for some time. How much time? Their not sure yet. Roethlisberger’s rib injury is  very rare in football. The last guy to have an injury of this nature took 4 weeks to heal before he could play again.

Now with the Steelers getting ready for the AFC North showdown against the Ravens, the team has to rally around their backup and get a win without Roethlisberger. Some think the Steelers can do it and many think without Roethlisberger in at quarterback, the Steelers don’t stand a chance. It is a shame that Ben has to be side-lines for what is shaping up to be the biggest game of the season. If Pittsburgh can win they would be tied fro the top spot in the AFC North. They would still have another game against the Ravens this season and 2 games they played against the Browns.

The Steelers could have won the AFC North this season and if they can get the team to rally around Leftwich it still could happen. The Steelers defense is going to have to step it up against the Ravens and pressure Flacco to give the Steelers offense a chance to pull ahead of the Ravens. Although Roethlisberger will be side-lined Sunday night his expertise can still give the Pittsburgh Steelers a shot at taking down the Ravens. Can the Steelers win without Big Ben, I guess we will have to watch and see.


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