The Detroit Tigers fell short once again. The team can thank Prince Fielder who helped kill the momentum the Tigers had going in game six of the ALCS, he didn’t provide the power at the plate the Tigers pay him millions to produce.

The Tigers may not have been able to beat Boston in 2 straight, but to see Fielder fail to realize the basics of baseball with his base running, people have to realize the guy is less than skillful.

The man the Tigers expect to help the team offensively went 3 for 36 in the play offs. he couldn’t help the team win and you have to wonder why Leyland didn’t play someone else.

Starting Field in last nights game gave the Tigers nothing they needed. The team was in a must win situation and the play of Prince Fielder helped Boston seal the deal.

Sure there were others who couldn’t produce the way they should have, but Fielder was brought to Detroit to produce power at the plate. He didn’t do that when the team really needed him and the results were disastrous for the Tigers.

At least Detroit got it over with, before they made it to the world series. We saw they didn’t know what to do when they got there last season. The fans knew they weren’t going to reach the fall classic this season.

It is back to the drawing board for the Tigers. They should have learned by now, they can’t buy a world series title.


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