The Detroit Tigers are showing the world that money can’t buy you a World Series Win. Now down 3 games the Tigers are demonstrating why they should have never made it to the World Series. Detroit struggled to take the A.L. Central and now their lack of any offense is struggling to stay alive in the World Series. If the Tigers lose one more game it all over, they would have made it into the big show and completely choked once they got there. The Tigers have been shut out in 2 games, their lack of offense it unforgivable with the money this team paid these guys to produce runs.

The Tigers sent Anibal Sanchez to the mound in game three, he pitched for 7 innings and only gave up 2 runs on 6 hits in the 7 innings he worked. Normally that would have been a great game pitched, if the Detroit offense would have got something done. The Tigers could get it done offensively and that seems to be what their problem is. The Tigers could dig down deep and find some offense all season long when they needed it, not in the last 2 games. Leyland has to be scratching his head wondering what he has to do to keep his Tigers hope of a world series win alive.

The Tigers would have to win the next 4 games in a row to claim the 2012 world series. Doing that is next to impossible against this San Francisco Giants pitching staff. The Tigers offense can’t over come this great Giants pitching. The Tigers are going down without much of a fight. Guys like Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder have done very little to help their struggling team. Detroit has very little chance of winning a game the way their offense if performing.



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  1. Seattle49er

    Tigers keep looking at each other, hoping someone can do something offensively. The Giants, on the other side, score runs many ways with many players. Cabrera is great, so is Fielder. But the two of them does not make for all the offense. They need more players to step up and the manager to come up with ways to scratch out scores. Tigers also need to work on defense. Looks like a priority for the off season.

  2. sportsbaron1

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. The chances of the Tigers beating the Giants four games in a row at this point are about as good as mine are of killing a lion with my bare hands. They’re done, and they’re playing as though they never should have made it to the Fall Classic in the first place. Hell, as bad as I talked about them this past season the Rangers might have done better than this….THREE RUNS IN AS MANY GAMES by a team with Prince Fielder, Delmon Young and a Triple Crown Winner in the middle of their lineup???? Are they kidding???

    They’ve made Vogelsong, Bumgarner, Zito and Cain look like Koufax, Drysdale, Koosman and Seaver. The Giants’ staff is good, but they’re not THAT good, trust me…



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