What can we expect out of the Detroit Tigers this post season? The team isn’t exactly peaking at a time when their expectations of continued play depends on them winning. Remember last season? Remember how the Tigers went to the world series and could win one game?

Could this happen to the Tigers in the play offs? They lost the last 3 games in the regular season. Does this team think they have done enough in 2013? Leyland and company may have celebrated their central division win too much.

The Tigers should have saved something to finish the regular season on a positive note. They head into the play-offs on a skid they may not be able to stop. This could be the year the Tigers get wiped out of the play-offs after the first series they play in.

They may not have what it takes this season to make it into the big show this season.  It is going to be interesting to see if the Tigers losing ways continue once the play offs start. If they can’t turn things around, their play off race to the world series could be over before it starts.

The Tigers have to turn things around and they have to turn things around quickly. If not they will be eliminated.


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