Throughout the history of Max Scherzer’s pitching career, the Detroit Tigers have seen him improve every season he has been with the team. Last season’s performance was no exception. The problem this season is, how can Scherzer improve over last season?

He won 21 games and lost three. He had an ERA of 2.90 and he pitched in 32 games. The guy was unbelievable on the mound. There were times we don’t think he could lose a game. He was clearly the Tigers ace last season and he performed at a level we haven’t seen in some time.

If history is any kind of indicator, Scherzer will find a way to increase his wins. Every season he has improved his performance. In 2008 he couldn’t win a game and had 4 losses. In 2009 he came out and won 9 and lost 11. In 2010 he increased his win total to 12 while losing 11 and in 2011 he won 15 games and lost only 9.

In 2012 he continues the climb in the win column with 16 while losing only 7 and we all saw him last year posting 21 wins and only 3 losses.

While it is going to be difficult for him to improve his on his performance last season, I wouldn’t count him out. If history is an indicator, somehow, someway Max Scherzer is going to be better this season. We will have to watch and find out…

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