The Detroit Tiger who have been red hot as of late watched as their fire was extinguished by the Cleveland Indians. Jim Leyland had the look of disgust on his face when Vinnie Pestano took to the mound in the eight inning, yes Leyland knew the Indians were going to down his Tigers to make Detroit’s record 1-6 on the season facing the Indians. The Tigers played a good game, it wasn’t as though the Cleveland Indians completely blew them off the field.

The just could tame Indians starter Ubaldo Jimenez. Yes, Jimenez has had an up and down year for the Indians, not when he is facing the Tigers. There is something about pitching to the Detroit Tigers that brings out the best in Jimenez. The Tigers would watch as Jimenez shut down one of the best hitters the Tigers have, Miguel Cabrera faced the Indians starter three times tonight and three times Jimenez shut him down. The Tigers have to play the Indians 2 more time this week. If the Indians continue to pound Detroit the way they have all season long the Tigers could leave Cleveland in second place in the A.L. Central. The Tigers lost tonight 3-2 and the look on Leylands face pretty much told the story.

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  1. Buddy

    Every forward moving team needs a wake-up call by a lesser team sometimes. Hope that look of disgust translated into a chewing out by Leyland in the clubhouse later. Sometimes that’s needed too, to get them back in focus. One game doesn’t make a losing streak. A sweep does. And the Tigers had enough of that in the first half.


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