The Denver Broncos defense was like a shipping ship over the past 2 seasons. Champ Bailey was like a cement block, helping to pull it further under the water. Bailey should have been released last season without a doubt. He was struggling to be the player he once was.

Between the nagging injuries to his foot, and father time taking away his speed, it was evident he struggled to be the NFL player he once was. The Denver fans have an emotional tie to Bailey, and rightfully so. He was once one of the corner-backs in all of football.

But lets face it, time takes it away from all of us. And as far as the Denver Defense goes, they will be a better unit without Bailey on the team.

As sad as it must be to see this hero let go, the good people in Denver knew his time was up. Elway did Bailey a favor keeping for the 2013 season. Other teams wouldn’t have been as generous. Bailey himself, should realize his time has come and gone.

He still wants to play. Like a punch drunk boxer, he doesn’t realize just how much his skills have diminished. Champ should call it a career. If he needs convincing, he should spend some time in the film room and look at his performance from last season, especially in the Super Bowl.

He has nothing to be ashamed of, he has had a marvelous career. He played in a game for years, that some could get into at all. Now, he needs to realize, it is time to hang up his cleats. Don’t make a fool out of yourself Champ, quit now and call it an amazing career.

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  1. bear57

    Thanks Champ and best of luck! But I have to agree.


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