The Denver Broncos defense played terrible in the game against the Chargers. They did what they could to make sure a Chargers win. Getting penalties to extend San Diego drives and having 12 men on the field, I would say the Broncos aren’t going to go very far in the play offs with the defense playing the way the Broncos defense is playing.

The Chargers held the ball on offense for 39 minutes in the game. They were able to control the game by keeping Peyton Manning off the field. The Broncos knew the defense was a weak point coming into the 2013 season.

Elway should have done what it takes to bolster a stronger defense. The Chargers shouldn’t have won this game and they did it the old fashion way, they did it with ball control offense.

Even when they weren’t scoring, they kept the ball longer than they should have and they kept the great Peyton Manning on the sideline.

Is this a result of playing a game on Thursday night after running so many plays offensively on Sunday? Manning said he couldn’t answer that question, but you could tell by the look on his face post game, he was less than happy with his Broncos team last night.

For the team that looked to be a sure thing going into the post season, this loss certainly makes things interesting out west. Manning and his Broncos have a 10 day break coming their way, and they better use the time to get this defense straitened out.

Otherwise, it is going to be a very short post season for the Denver Broncos.

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