The Denver Broncos defense is better this season and one reason is no Champ Bailey thus far to get burned by the deep ball. Lets face it, Bailey’s best days are behind him and they are not coming back.

In the last game the Broncos played, the defense was improved because Bailey wasn’t in the game to get burned. He has lost a step and this season, the longer the Broncos keep him side-lined the better off the defense is going to be.

Bailey was a great player, don’t get me wrong. The problem is he has over stayed his welcome on the Broncos defense. Jon Elway should have realized this in the preseason and he should have pulled off a trade and pawned Bailey off to an unsuspecting team.

The Broncos shut down the Ravens passing attack for the most part last week because Bailey wasn’t in the game to get burned by Flacco the way he was burned in the 2012 play-offs.

If Bailey would have played, you can bet your last dollar Flacco would have exposed his weakness and the out come of the game could have been different.

Bailey is one of those NFL players who is too stubborn to realize he is no longer useful to a team. He is stuck living in the past when he was a great player and it is going to take getting cut to make him realize his days in the NFL are over.

The guy is done. He is no longer the Champ Bailey he was. His days in the NFL are close to being over. He is now just taking up a valuable roster spot in Denver. It is long past time for Elway to make the decision.



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  1. Michael Jelesky


  2. JTR

    This is a balloon article. Seven paragraphs of the same thing. There is not one fact or statistic to support your claim, and you go so far as to say the Broncos shut down the Raven’s passing attack “because Bailey wasn’t in the game.” I am left with the impression that this is written by someone still hung up on that miracle upset in the playoffs. Less hot air. More substance.

  3. Sean

    You are a moron. It is amazing they let this “article” on foxsports.

    • LG

      Oh really? You better face the facts Bailey’s better days are behind him…

      • JT

        If you’re saying face the facts, then use some facts to prove it. This is journalism after all isn’t it? We all know Champ had a bad game in the playoffs against Baltimore, but provide some facts that show he was getting burned by the long ball far more often last year than previous. (The answer is there aren’t any) If I wanted to listen to sports opinions that don’t have anything to back them up I’d go get drunk at a sports bar.


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