The facts surrounding the case of Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and killing her on Valentines Day doesn’t give the defense much of a leg to stand on so to speak.  SO what do they do?  They try to discredit the lead detective in the case focusing on the fact that he and a couple of fellow police officers face attempted murder charges of their own for doing their jobs as cops.  It seems that the defense wants to discredit Botha and they way he presented the evidence against his client Pistorius.

The fact remains of the angle of the guns shots that were fired through the bathroom door that took the life of Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentines day.  The trajectory of the bullets don’t support Pistorius’s story of firing the shots with out the use of his Prosthetic Legs.  The prosecution maintains that  Pistorius had time to strap on both of his limbs before killing Steenkamp, thus making premeditated murder.

The defense attorneys have very little choice but to discredit Botha.  Bringing up the fact Botha and some fellow officers will stand trial for attempted murder themselves doesn’t change how Pistorius  killed Steenkamp.  In fact, if there were real evidence that suggests wrong doing on the part of Botha,  would he still be on active duty for the South African police department?   It is UN-likely.  While he and his fellow officers were trying to stop a van, they fired shots into the oncoming vehicle to try and stop it.   Now one was hurt during the incident and Botha  and his fellow officers were just doing their jobs as policemen.

No matter how defense attorney Barry Roux  tries to switch the focus from his client in the murder of Steenkamp,  he cannot change the fact,  that Pistorius’s story of what happened doesn’t add up.  The bullet holes in the bathroom door strongly support the fact that Pistorius is lying about what took place in the early morning hours on Valentines day.


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  1. Susie Johnson

    You are right. They are trying to shift the focus for him to get out of jail. He should saty they and if they do let him out they should not give him his legs to make a get away with. Lets see how far he can run without those. The guy is a cold blooded killer who took the life of a beautiful young women. He deserves the worse punishment they can give him.


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