Finally someone who knows NASCAR better than most, has given an accurate assessment of driver Danica Patrick. Petty labeled Patrick as a marketing machine, not a race-car driver.  He is absolutely right.

Patrick brings a ton of attention to the sport. If she didn’t look as good as she does in a bikini, no one would even know her name. It all started when she was an open wheel driver. Go-daddy made her the face of their company and she was launched into instant stardom for un-zipping her drivers suit.

If Patrick didn’t look as good as she does, there wouldn’t have been so many spot-lights shinned her way. Lets face it, Petty knows NASCAR, the sport was born partly because of all the success his father had.

If Petty doesn’t see Patrick as much of a driver than chances are he is right. Patrick brings fans to the sport that otherwise wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Danica. She makes more excuses for not winning races and sometimes she makes those excuses before the race even starts.

Patrick has a great race team behind her. She has the best equipment money can buy. You would think she would be able to win a race by now. That isn’t the case because she doesn’t have the physical ability to  handle the car.

Coming from Indy car into NASCAR wasn’t a smart move for Patrick. She moved into a car that weighs 3 times more than the open wheel cars she was used to driving. Patrick is nothing more than a marketing machine for NASCAR and they know that.

Petty got it right, now it is only a matter of time before her race team figures it out.

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