The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. Dallas couldn’t have seen this coming from a team that had a terrible 2012 season. The problem was Tony Romo and his Cowboys under estimated the way the Chiefs are playing with their new head coach and their new quarterback.

The sorry part of this Cowboys loss was Romo played OK in the game. He completed 30 of the 42 passes he threw and he didn’t throw any interceptions. The Cowboys defense was the culprit in this game.

They couldn’t stop the Chiefs when they had to. They let them move the ball down the field and the Dallas secondary is still struggling. The Cowboys defensive line is not stopping the run and they can’t get to the quarterback when they have to.

They Sacked Smith 4 times but they should have continued to pressure him throughout the game.  Romo did have a fumble and he lost the ball. You can’t give a team like the Chiefs extra shots.

The Chiefs had very little to lose coming into this game and the Cowboys lost face with the loss. Dallas is not rushing to ball well and some may contributed this to not having Lawrence Vickers to help with run blocking.

Why the Cowboys decided to go without a full back this season is anyone’s guess, but it isn’t working and the rushing game is suffering because of the loss of Vickers. He help this Cowboys team with every aspect of their offense.

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  1. Susan

    O wow

  2. Anonymous

    Same “CHOKEMO”-Romo as always!! He was pathetic on the last two series!! Shoulld have been picked off twice. Great until it counts-then pathetic!!!


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