The Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t give the Cleveland Browns permission to talk to the teams offensive coordinator. Yet they felt the need to bring in Scott Linehan  and name him as the teams passing game coordinator.

What is that? They already have a guy they wanted to keep as their OC. If he was doing such a great job, they wouldn’t need to name a new passing coordinator.

Can this new coach stop Tony Romo from creating mistakes that cost the Cowboys a chance to win? We don’t even know how effective Romo is going to be following his back surgery.

Dallas better be thinking about more than a passing coordinator. They should be thinking about a full time passer. Romo’s career could be coming to an end. The guy takes a beating every season and this abuse is wearing out his body.

The Cowboys think they have all the answers. This comes from their owner who thinks he should also be the GM because he signs the checks.

Jerry Jones is his own enemy. The sooner he realizes it, the better off his team is going to be. Now that he has hired a passing coordinator, the Cowboys need to create an offense that can win football games.

This might require a new quarterback. One that doesn’t throw the ball to the wrong team when the game is on the line.

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