Now that the Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Colts, the team is face with the task of removing his image as the face of the franchise.

The Browns couldn’t even put a price tag on the expense of  removing all the images of the man they called T-Rich. The biggest cost to the Browns will be reprinting the team’s the team’s pocket schedules, which feature Richardson on the front.

Richardson was also part of the team’s official app and his image was plastered all over the team’s web-site. The Browns started the process of making any signs of Richardson vanish last night as soon as the trade deal was complete.

Zak Gilbert, the team’s spokesman said, we will take a good 24 hours to take inventory and make some decisions.”

The new Browns regime inherited Richardson from the past regime. it is obvious the new regime didn’t regard Richardson with the same respect as the old regime.

It cost a lot of money to make a player the face of the franchise and the new front office doesn’t seem to mind wasting it.  The team will save $6.6 million this season by trading him to the Colts.

Including his signing bonus, the Browns paid the running back — taken third overall in 2012 — $13.8 million for what amounted to 17 games. Not a bad year if you ask me.


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