The Cincinnati Bengals face off against the Philadelphia Eagles tonight looking for the teams 8th win of the season after falling to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday by 1 point. The Bengals have a chance to improve their record to 8 wins and try to make a move in the AFC North a division that is still up for grabs.  Andy Dalton has to get off to a quick start in this game. He has to be able to put the pressure on the Eagles to try to help his defense bring the pressure to Philadelphia. The Eagles are having a tough season, they have only 4 wins and for head coach Andy Reid, the win total just isn’t good enough to keep his job if the Eagles owner is true to his word.

The Bengals could make a move on the Ravens who have 9 wins and the top spot in the AFC North. The way the Ravens are struggling the Bengals could have a shot at the AFC North if they can win out their remaining games. For Dalton and his Bengals this is an important game. They are tied for second place with the Steelers and they could take that spot for themselves with a win tonight. The Bengals defense is the weak link on the team. If Dalton can keep the Bengals defense off the field, he could give the team a chance at a win.

It is going to be an interesting game for Dalton and his Bengals. We will see if Dalton and his Bengals really want to take it and make the move in the AFC North tonight. Dalton has to come out and get his Cincinnati Bengals moving quickly. If he can they should be able to take control of this game and pull off the win….



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